Tornado slams Mersin, injures 13

Tornado slams Mersin, injures 13

Tornado slams Mersin, injures 13

The southern province of Mersin has been hit by tornadoes, leaving more than a dozen people injured, as storms and heavy rainfall continue to make their way across the country’s lower parts.

The tornado that broke out off Anamur district caused destruction in an area of five square kilometers between Fatih and Akarca neighborhoods, leaving more than 100 banana greenhouses destroyed.

The governor’s office announced that 13 people were injured in the strong breezes, which also ripped off some roofs and left two cars upturned.

The Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), police, gendarmerie, municipalities and fire and health workers were deployed to the scene immediately, it added.

Teams assigned by the provincial directorates of the agriculture and forestry and the environment, urbanization and climate change ministries initiated damage assessment studies in the region.

Meanwhile, in accordance with meteorologists’ previous warnings, torrential rains shattered another southern province, Antalya, causing puddles to form on some roads of the touristic city.

Some vehicles were stranded on a boulevard in Konyaaltı district as the asphalt on a manhole cover became bumpy due to the heavy rain. Many drivers called the tow truck and waited to be rescued.

Transportation was also disrupted in Kepez and Muratpaşa districts, where minor floods occurred at some locations.