Top education body shuts down 'evening' programs

Top education body shuts down 'evening' programs

Top education body shuts down evening programs

The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) has announced the closure of all "evening education" programs at state universities.

"Perhaps our most important work to improve the program quality in our universities this term is the closure of evening education programs in our state universities," YÖK head Erol Özvar said during an interuniversity board meeting in Ankara on July 10.

Evening schools, also known as night schools, offer classes during late hours to accommodate individuals who work during the day.

Private universities will be required to replace evening education programs with those that are sensitive to employment needs and suitable for future professions, Özvar said, urging them to plan accordingly for the upcoming academic year.

Last year, around 80,000 students were enrolled in 1,308 evening education programs across Türkiye.

The closure of these programs will result in a reduction of the overall quota in formal education, currently over 720,000.

The YÖK board also decided to reduce quotas in specific programs, including architecture, pharmacy, psychology, dietetics and basic sciences.

In another regulation, starting next academic year, only students over the age of 35 will be eligible to enroll in open education programs in child development, philosophy, sociology, history and Turkish language and literature as part of the "second university" programs.

This decision was made to address the employment balance of professions, Özvar said.

"It is seen that our students studying in different associate and undergraduate programs are intensively turning to these programs in order to have the opportunity to transition to teaching," he said.

"The decision we have taken aims to control this situation and ensure sustainability."