Tickets for Istanbul Coffee Festival on sale

Tickets for Istanbul Coffee Festival on sale

Tickets for Istanbul Coffee Festival on sale

Istanbul Coffee Festival (ICF), one of the two biggest coffee festivals in Europe, will kick off its sixth year later this month at KüçükÇiftlik Park in the Maçka/Harbiye neighborhood in Sişli district.

The event, Sept. 19-22, takes visitors on coffee’s historical journey through time with information, activities and samples of past and president-day delicacies based on the feelings and living spaces created by coffee.

The festival’s program includes the most popular local coffee shops along with the world-famous coffee shops, various workshops and seminars for those who want to be the barista of their own home, new experiences in different activity areas and concerts by popular musicians.

La Marzocco True Artisan Bar will host the best coffee shops from around the world this year. Festival participants will have the chance to experience coffee brewed by famous baristas.

Istanbul Coffee Festival, which brings together dozens of coffee professionals every year, is also hosting a workshop and seminar program full of educational and entertaining content. Workshops will be held under the titles of brewing techniques, sensory tasting, coffee drinks and coffee and food pairings.

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