THY to offer Turkish cuisine to passengers

THY to offer Turkish cuisine to passengers

THY to offer Turkish cuisine to passengers

Turkish Airlines (THY) has planned to include traditional Turkish cuisine in its new menus, with domestic producers to supply 80 percent of the products needed.

THY decided to renew all the catering menus the company offers the passengers on its flights.

Setting off with the goal of promoting Turkish cuisine, THY will include traditional Turkish delicacies and food items.

THY will procure 80 percent of the products to be used in its menus from domestic producers.

The new menus listing local and seasonal products include tea from the Black Sea province of Rize, milk cream from the Central Anatolian province of Afyonkarahisar and comb honey from the eastern city of Erzincan.

The menus will also include several products from the world cuisine.

“As the flag carrier that offers all the tastes of the world to its guests with privileged concepts, we have prepared a menu that bears traces of both traditional Turkish cuisine and international cuisine with our renewed menus,” said Ahmet Bolat, the chairman of THY’s Board and Executive Committee.

Along with this new concept, THY has also started practices aimed to reduce the use of plastic in packaging materials and the amount of packaging-related waste, within the scope of the company’s sustainability principle, Bolat noted.

“While presenting Turkish delicacies to our guests, we also plan to offer digital menus in place of paper menus for the sake of sustainability,” he said.

Bolat also said they aim to increase the 80 percent local ingredient rate in the menus.