Three women pedal from Austria to Turkey’s resort

Three women pedal from Austria to Turkey’s resort

Three women pedal from Austria to Turkey’s resort

Starting their journey from Austria on their bicycles, three women have finally reached the Aegean province of Aydın’s Kuşadası district after pedaling more than 2,000 kilometers in 28 days.

Filiz Akıncı, a 27-year-old Turkish woman and a teacher working in Vienna, decided to travel from Europe to Turkey on a bike with her Austrian friends, Lisa Eibel and Andrea Maier.

After entering the Turkish border, the three friends have pedaled through six western provinces so far and finally reached Kuşadası, the hometown of Akıncı.

The group took breaks during their challenging journey and set up camp along roadsides and among trees.

Welcomed by Akıncı’s family and friends at the entrance of the resort town, the women immortalized this moment by taking a photo.

Speaking to reporters, Akıncı said that they suddenly decided to go on such a trip.

“It was a little difficult when we first started. It’s something anyone can do, but you just have to know how to ride the bike,” Akıncı said, noting that she only uses a bicycle in Vienna.

“They think women can’t do such a thing. That’s why we wanted to show that women can do it too and that we are strong,” she noted.

The adventurous group also said they were amazed by the hospitality of the Turkish people.

“There were many who brought us water or opened their house doors for us to take a shower,” Akıncı added.

Serhan Akıncı, the young woman’s father, also said that he was proud of his daughter for this journey.