There is no terrorist we cannot defeat: Chief of Staff

There is no terrorist we cannot defeat: Chief of Staff

There is no terrorist we cannot defeat: Chief of Staff

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There is no terrorist we cannot defeat, said Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar on June 16, as he hosted an iftar event for veterans and their families at the Veteran Officer’s Club in the capital Ankara. 

“With our officers, sergeants, specialized [soldiers], village guards and police, I believe that there is no terror and terrorists we can’t defeat, can’t overcome,” said Gen. Akar, adding that the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) would continue to conduct its assigned duties and responsibilities within the law as it has in the past and continues to do in the present. 

A few days earlier during another iftar event Gen. Akar said, “They [soldiers] carried out the duty given to them for their homeland and nation, filled with love. Each morning they knew they might be killed but they didn’t crumble,” a statement which was considered to be in response to recent remarks by Defense Minister Fikri Işık.  
Işık had raised eyebrows on June 12 when he suggested there was once a time when necessary military operations were not carried out due to concerns about soldiers being killed.

“We know that operations were once not carried out due to worries about casualties, despite operation orders being given,” Işık had said.

Meanwhile, a police officer who was seriously injured after an armored police vehicle flipped over in the southern province of Adana last week, succumbed to his injuries on June 16.  

Officer Mehmet Oflaz died in an Adana hospital despite receiving medical treatment.