The Wall show features Turkey’s Dink, Menderes

The Wall show features Turkey’s Dink, Menderes

The Wall show features Turkey’s Dink, Menderes

Co-founder of Pink Floyd Roger Waters is bringing ‘The Wall’ tour to Istanbul. The social and personal effects of the ‘The Wall’ will be reflected to the show. DHA photo

Musical legend Roger Waters, a founding member of Pink Floyd, will be coming to Istanbul for the first time in seven years. The Wall concert will also include an exclusive surprise for Turkish fans. The show, which will take place around a “wall” statue, will feature the pictures of politician Adnan Menderes, journalist Uğur Mumcu and Hrant Dink.

Co-founder of Pink Floyd and legend of rock music Roger Waters is bringing “The Wall” tour to Istanbul, promoted by GNL-BKM. Around 17,000 fans turned out for Roger Waters in Istanbul previously for “The Dark Side of the Moon” tour in 2006. On Aug. 4, 2012, Roger Waters will be meeting his fans once more at the ITU Stadium.

About “The Wall” Tour and the Album

The social, political and personal effects of the “The Wall” album made it one of the most important albums of the century, and “The Wall” tour will be staged with a magnificent production.

Pink Floyd broke a number of records with “The Wall” album and the group has won 23 platinum certificates. The songs in the album “The Wall” remained in the world top music charts during the years which the album came out.

In the “The Wall” tour, all of the songs in the album are played entirely and accompanied with a magnificent show.

In the year 2012, according to international music conference which is held by European organizers, “The Wall” was chosen to be the best tour of that year. Until today, “The Wall” has been performed 15 stadium concerts in South America and has reached 750,000 people in Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

All nine of the concerts of Roger Waters which were held at Buenos Aires River Plate Stadium, were sold out days before the concerts.

The concerts have continued to be a success; 825,000 tickets have been sold for the 42 concerts which took place in America, Canada and Mexico.

Until today, The Wall tour has been performed at 192 concerts, has sold $380 million worth of tickets and has reached 3.3 million people in 28 countries.

The European concerts of the tour will start in Belgium in July. Roger Waters will perform 25 concerts, and after Greece, he will come to Istanbul on Aug. 4th. The tour will end in September in France.