Temperatures drop nationwide, rainfall hits

Temperatures drop nationwide, rainfall hits

Temperatures drop nationwide, rainfall hits

The Turkish State Meteorological Services has shared the latest forecast reports, predicting nationwide precipitation in the last week of March and a noticeable drop in temperatures.

The weather throughout Türkiye is expected to be mostly cloudy, with heavy rainfall forecast for the Marmara, Coastal Aegean, eastern Mediterranean regions, as well as the southern provinces of Antalya and Isparta.

The eastern Black Sea region, northern province of Ordu, and some parts of eastern and southeastern Anatolia are expected to experience a mix of rain and snow.

There will be haze and fog in the south of Marmara, central Aegean, west of central Anatolia and inland parts of the western Black Sea region in the morning hours; and dust transportation is expected in the southeastern Anatolia region.

Avalanche risks are present in the interior of the eastern Black Sea and in the steep and high elevations of eastern Anatolia.

The wind is expected to blow generally from southerly directions with light to moderate force, and strong (40-60 km/h) force in the west of Marmara and Aegean region.

Since the precipitation is expected to be heavy in the east of southeastern Anatolia, it is necessary to be careful and cautious against potential hazards such as flash floods, flooding, lightning, hail and strong winds.

In southeastern Anatolia, where dust transport is expected, precautions should be taken against potential issues such as reduced air quality, mud rain, and transportation disruptions.

Starting from March 29, mixed rain and snowfall is expected in the interior regions where temperatures are expected to drop to minus figures.

In the north of eastern Anatolia, precipitation is expected to be in the form of snow at intervals.