Tallest girl votes in Turkish elections

Tallest girl votes in Turkish elections

Tallest girl votes in Turkish elections

The one-time world’s tallest teenage girl voted in Turkey’s elections on June 24, local media reported. 

The 21-year-old Rümeysa Gelgi, who currently stands at 2 meters and 13 centimetres, was admitted to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014 as the tallest girl under 18 years old, according to Turkish media reports.

While casting her vote in the northern province of Karabük on June 24, Gelgi invited all citizens to participate in the elections.

“I can leave my house when I want thanks to the support of my family. It was not difficult to come here,” she reportedly said, answering a question about how Weaver syndrome affects her life.

“Our country has been in a difficult period lately. I hope we will leave it behind with this election,” she added.

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