System to notify as soon as earthquake occurs underground

System to notify as soon as earthquake occurs underground

System to notify as soon as earthquake occurs underground

Dokuz Eylül University Earthquake Research and Application Center has created an earthquake system that will give a warning at the very first moments when the earthquake occurs underground, before the tremor is actually felt.

While academics from the university’s geology, geophysics, civil, computer and electronic engineering departments will work together on the project, the system will enter the testing phase at the end of February.

The academics will obtain the data from the underground for 24 hours at 12 different points for six months.

The system, called DEUSİS, will warn before the shaking is felt on the ground and as soon as the fault breaks under the ground.

The warning will arrive 10, 15, or 20 seconds earlier, depending on the distance from the seismic source.

The team is both developing a system and trying to create its software, stated Hasan Sözbilir, the manager at the center.

“We use three devices that measure the movement of the earthquake. As soon as an earthquake starts under the ground, the device gives us information with a signal, Sözbilir explained.

“We convert this signal into a numerical parameter with software. After that, we will proceed to the operation of the system.”

“We will install the system at 12 different points during the six-month trial process, and it will provide us with instant data. So, we will listen to the ground 24 hours a day for six months,” he expressed.

The team also signed a protocol with Türkiye’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD).

“We will immediately report the signal to AFAD, and it will be able to share this information with public institutions.” Sözbilir expressed.

This warning can be sent as a message to phones of people in the area where the earthquake occurs, which means that the system will also cover a communication network, he noted.

“After six months, it will become operational in Izmir in real-time. Our goal is to be able to know when an earthquake will happen,” he said.