Syrian girl from viral video begins new life

Syrian girl from viral video begins new life

HATAY – Anadolu Agency
Syrian girl from viral video begins new life

Salwa, a 3-year-old Syrian girl who became famous for heaving with laughter despite bombings by the Syrian regime in the war-torn country’s northwestern province of Idlib, was brought to Turkey on Feb. 25 to give her a safer childhood.

Salwa, who was taught by her father to laugh at the sound of bombs, recently arrived in Turkey with her family to begin a new life.

A video of her laughing at bombs went viral on social media in the past few weeks. The video shows her father, Abdullah Muhammed, playing a game with her as warplanes drop bombs near their home in Syria.

Muhammed expressed their happiness, saying he and his daughter had tried to send a message to the international community through the video.

The father also stated his gratitude to the Turkish public and the government, saying they had supported the Syrian people since the beginning of the nine-year war.

“Now, my daughter will be able to go to school. I hope that the conflict in Syria can soon end and that I can return,” he added.