Syria motion ‘precaution against war’

Syria motion ‘precaution against war’

Parliament’s motion permitting cross-border raids on Syria is a precaution against war, Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ has said. He hopes Turkey will never need to use it, Bozdağ said. “In case there is an incident, it grants the authority to go into action without asking permission.”

The resolution accepted last week by Parliament permits the Turkish Armed Forces to engage in action against Syria in case of an attack. Speaking to private broadcaster Kanal 7, Bozdağ said the rules of engagement had changed after the downing a Turkish fighter jet. Bozdağ said the change of rules meant a direct order.

The deputy prime minister said the resolution was not a war resolution and did not increase the risk of getting into a war. He said the main purpose of the resolution was to tell the Syrian administration “Do not commit an act that may cause war between Turkey and Syria, do not take such steps or commit such an act. If you do we will respond harder.” Bozdağ said these actions would prevent war.

Bozdağ said Turkey would not hesitate to act in case of an attack. “We say, be careful after that. Do not take an action against the sovereignty rights of Turkey. Take all the necessary precautions. If not, there will be a reaction to it. We took all the necessary precautions in terms of international law,” Bozdağ said.

Bozdağ said they were watching the attitude of Syria after the resolution. He said the Syrian declarations and news did not line up. “We follow Syria,” Bozdağ said, ”so far their words and actions do not match.”

Bozdağ also denied the claims that the bombs had fallen in Turkish territory by accident. “We have taken precautions. The Syrian side should not think that we have taken these precautions to show off.”
Asked whether the Free Syrian Army is also subject to the resolution, Bozdağ said: “It would be wrong to divert the resolution to any specific groups. This resolution is toward Syria.”