Summit sign of will to change: Jahjaga

Summit sign of will to change: Jahjaga

Summit sign of will to change: Jahjaga

Kosovan President Jahjaga chats with Suver before the opening session.

The Eurasian Economic Summit allows Balkan countries to exchange ideas and show a willingness to transform democracies for stability and prosperity, Kosovo’s President Atifete Jahjaga said yesterday during her speech at the opening ceremony of the event.

“We are demonstrating with our engagement our political will to transform our democracies and economies for prosperity and stability,” Jahjaga said.

Jahjaga further described the summit as “a testimony to this age of cooperation,” and told the audience that the summit allowed for “the opportunity to provide and exchange ideas for economic development.”

The Western Balkan countries had a lot to learn from the experiences of other countries, said Jahjaga.

“The countries of this region are facing the difficulties that developing economies face,” she said. If we cannot develop a correct policy during the era of transformation then we will face the risks of a crisis in employment,” she added.

She also called for regional partnership for cooperation in third markets in Europe. “Regional cooperaiton is the basis of developing together,” she said.

For sustaining humar rights an freedom, the disputes among the reginola conutries and ethnically discirinative policies hould come to an end, she added.