Sudan and Turkey to cooperate in energy

Sudan and Turkey to cooperate in energy

KHARTOUM, Sudan - Anatolia News Agency
Sudan and Turkey signed a memorandum of understanding in the areas of mining, power generation and hydrocarbons, during Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yıldız’s visit to the African country.

Yıldız said May 26 that they would encourage private sector players active in the energy sector – particularly in wind, solar and hydroelectric power – to invest in Sudan.

“We’d like to benefit from Turkey’s experience in industry, mining and transportation,” said Kemal Abdullatif, the Sudanese minister of mining. Also, Sudanese Electricity and Water Resources Minister Tabita Butros Shokia said they could cooperate with Turkey in wind, solar and nuclear energy.

Turkey and Sudan are set to cooperate in mining, hydrocarbons and electricity generation, particularly renewable energy, in accordance with the deals signed by Yıldız, Abdullatif and Shokia, following negotiations between technical delegations.

Yıldız said Turkey would assist with Sudan’s master power generation plan if help was requested. The minister also had talks about possible investment by the Turkish private sector to build a hydroelectric power station on the coast of the Nile river.

Turkey may buy ‘2 mln tons of Yemen LNG’

However, as Turkish firms continue oil exploration activities in Sudan, Turkey’s state-run General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) and Eti Maden (Eti Mine) have been working to develop joint mine exploration projects with related companies in Sudan. If these projects are implemented, Turkish and Sudanese companies will be able to explore for gold, copper and iron. The deals provide for the training of qualified staff so mine resources are efficiently benefited from.

Before the Sudan visit, Yıldız attended the Turkey-Yemen Energy Forum in Sanaa on May 25. He said they wanted to supply part of the country’s LNG and naphtha needs from Yemen. “Turkey might purchase 2 million tons of LNG in the first stage from Yemen.”