Stylish social media influencer dies at 91

Stylish social media influencer dies at 91

Stylish social media influencer dies at 91

Ali Akdeniz, an elderly Berlin resident who became a social media sensation for his sartorial sense, has died at the age of 91 in the Black Sea province of Trabzon.

Akdeniz, known as Star Ali for always dressing well on his way to his tailor shop, was discovered by Australian photographer Zoe Spawton in 2012.

After discovering Akdeniz, Spawton started to upload the man’s photos to her blog “What Ali Wore Today.”

Akdeniz had a unique style that included blue, green, white and yellow suits, although he also sometimes wore military camouflage or sported athletic clothing and jewelry.

Spawton shared Akdeniz’s stylish clothes and some information about him on her blog for three years.

The blog won a “blog of the year” award in 2013; one year later, Spawton prepared a book with Akdeniz’s photos.

Akdeniz returned to his hometown of Trabzon in 2016, but he remained in contact with Spawton, with whom he had become good friends despite the language barrier.

On Oct. 14, Spawton received word from the man’s grandchildren that Akdeniz, one of the world’s older social media influencers, had passed away.

“It’s hard to believe that this charming man who has one of the best smiles I know is no longer with us. It was one of the most enjoyable surprises of my life. I will miss you Ali,” the photographer said in a social media post.

Following his discovery by Spawton, Akdeniz drew the attention of dozens of international newspapers and television stations, including CNN, Der Spiegel and The Times.