Stray puppy in Bursa saved after ears cut off

Stray puppy in Bursa saved after ears cut off

BURSA - Doğan News Agency
Stray puppy in Bursa saved after ears cut off

Veterinary surgeons say the dog, named 'Can,' is now recovering following surgery. AA Photo

A group of workers have found a tortured stray puppy in a construction field near the western Turkish province of Bursa in the latest case of ill-treatment against street animals.

The young dog was bleeding and had its ears cut when teams from the municipal veterinary institution were dispatched to the scene, and it was immediately taken for surgery.

“Her ears were cut from their base. But we have successfully conducted a plastic esthetic surgery. Our puppy, which we have named ‘Can,’ will be able to regain her health soon” said veterinary surgeon Ayşe Yazıcı following the operation.

Animal rights activists have long complained about the lack of legal provisions regarding the torture of animals without owners. But the local veterinary department head, Mürsel Büyükçoban, stressed that the current law does contain measures against those who cut the ears or the tail of animals.

“Unfortunately, there are people still doing it despite all the warnings and sanctions. This is just inhumane,” Büyükçoban said.

Many recent cases of violence and sexual abuse against animals have prompted activists to demand more severe punishments for the perpetrators. 

A house containing the slaughtered cadavers of dogs and cats was recently found in Istanbul, again drawing attention to the worrying increase in such cases.

A woman who was captured on security cameras kicking to death stray kittens was caught last August by police in Istanbul, while a man was also captured on film raping a dog in the Kağıthane district of the city. Another man in Eskişehir was captured after beating a stray dog to death.

Lawyers say changes are necessary for such offenses in the current Turkish law, which considers animals as “property” depending on whether or not they have an owner. At present, culprits may only be fined in cases of violence against street animals.