Stranded Algerians’ hotel expenses stir debate

Stranded Algerians’ hotel expenses stir debate

Stranded Algerians’ hotel expenses stir debate

Hoteliers in Istanbul have demanded the Algerian Embassy pay in full the expenses of the Algerians who were stranded in the city and accommodated in hotels after flights were cancelled in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nearly 60 Algerians, including tourists, students and professionals, were affected from the cancellations and the embassy helped them settle in 17 hotels in the city.

They stayed in the hotels for days with expenses totaling 3.1 million Turkish Liras (around $455,000).

The embassy paid 1 million liras of the total balance, but since the hotels did not receive the remaining amount, some of the Algerians were evacuated from the venues.

The hotels sent a warning through notaries to the embassy, requesting payment.

“We are working to resolve this problem. The embassy is waiting for an approval from Algerian authorities to make the payment. This is only about red tape,” said Algerian Ambassador Mourad Adjabi.

“Before the pandemic I lived in an apartment and I was planning to return to Algeria in March. But I couldn’t when the pandemic hit. I moved out from my flat due to financial difficulties and settled in a hotel about month ago. I am counting days to go back to my country,” said one of the Algerians.

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