Story of sun to be on shelves

Story of sun to be on shelves

Story of sun to be on shelves “The Mysterious Garden of the Sun,” a new book by Çetin Göksu, a solar architect, solar city planner and a retired associate professor of the Middle East Technical University, depicts the romantic and witty story of the sun, as well as provides insightful information on global warming. 

The book tells the story of youngsters who want to establish a new “Solar Civilization” for the future. It also offers a great deal of information about the sun, life, solar energy, the Anatolian sun culture and its mythology, as well as architecture and city on the sun. 

Solar energy applications, which are rapidly spreading with global warming, present new horizons for humanity. For this reason, the author deals with this very current issue in his new book.

It not only tells the reader the secrets of the sun and the project of the solar age, but also provides useful information on how to establish future solar projects.

Some topics covered in the book include a guide to how global warming can be stopped, projects aimed to halt climate change; it questions sources that can be evaluated, provides information on the potential of solar energy, the sun culture, properties and the legends of the sun and “Solar Architecture and Solar City of tomorrow.”