Step Istanbul kicks off with 25 art galleries

Step Istanbul kicks off with 25 art galleries

Step Istanbul kicks off with 25 art galleries

Organized for the second time evet, Step Istanbul will revive the art scene of the city.

“During the pandemic, our first aim is to keep everyone safe,” said Contemporary Istanbul (CI) Art Fair and Contemporary Istanbul Foundation (CIF) Vice President Rabia Bakıcı Güreli. This year the fair will take place at 360 Taksim hosting 25 art galleries.

“The extraordinary situation we found ourselves in 2020 forced us to design Step Istanbul in a way that could relate to everyone. We hope it will fulfill its mission and will make a positive impact in every aspect of the contemporary art scene,” said Güreli, noting that they have carried out many projects in each of our events that have helped them seed the roots of Step Istanbul, which we plan on making a long-term art event. That’s why this year the event is an important endeavor amid the pandemic measures, she added.

“We know what the art scene in Turkey needs is sustainability, and we based our responsibility on this, said Güreli, noting that Step Istanbul has proven itself to go far beyond just being a fair or an event that carries accessible art to people by supporting all kinds of creative activities and ideas and, most importantly, all kinds of artistic development, aiming to increase society’s awareness of art.

Güreli also said that the strategy of Step Istanbul is to democratize art and find new words to describe it.

“Organizing fairs have made us think of examining scientific data,” she said, adding that they know a total of 64 percent of viewers who have a passion for art, who want to study, understand and observe art are under the age of 35. “One of the main missions and visions behind the creation of Step Istanbul is this reason,” she added.

This year the event, which opens today, gathers 25 galleries until Nov 22. The fair will also be available on online channels.