Stallone and Schwarzenegger meet in hospital

Stallone and Schwarzenegger meet in hospital

Stallone and Schwarzenegger meet in hospital

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stalone were surprised to see each other at the hospital; both receiving treatments for stunt related injuries, according to Mail Online.

However, this little incident will not deter the duo from costarring in the upcoming thriller "The Tomb." The filmmakers announced Wednesday that Schwarzenegger signed on to star alongside Stallone in the prison-break adventure.

Schwarzenegger previously had a cameo in Stallone's action hit "The Expendables" and also appears in its upcoming sequel.

"The Tomb" will feature Schwarzenegger as an inmate opposite Stallone, who plays the designer of a master prison forced to escape from his own jailhouse. Directed by Mikael Hafstrom, "The Tomb" begins shooting in Louisiana this spring.

Schwarzenegger is just finishing work on "The Last Stand," his first starring role since returning to acting after serving as California's governor.

Schwarzenegger and Stalone also worked together backing the popular Hollywood-themed restaurant Planet Hollywood along with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

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