Spray painted tomb to be cleaned by experts

Spray painted tomb to be cleaned by experts

BURSA – Doğan News Agency
Spray painted tomb to be cleaned by experts

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Spray-painted names and hearts on the walls of the historic Berberkaya tomb in the northwestern province of Bursa’s İznik district will be cleaned by a team of experts. The tomb, which dates back to the Bithynia civilization in 149 B.C., is made of basalt rock and located on a slope close to the district’s Lefke Gate. 

Tourism officials in the region had complained about graffiti which covered nearly the entire tomb, so the Culture and Tourism Ministry’s Directorate of Surveying and Monuments in Bursa initiated work to reverse the damage to the tomb. 

In the coming days, an expert team will travel to İznik from Istanbul and work will begin to clean the tomb, officials said.

In line with the project, which was approved last year, the environment surrounding the monumental tomb has already been cleaned and a 300-meter-long stairway was constructed for tourists to reach the tomb easily. Also, work has begun to build a special platform from which visitors can view the site. 
Erected in the memory of the King Prusias, the tomb, which is known as Berberkayası (Berber rock), is considered the most important ancient artifact in İznik. It is estimated that it was the tomb of a king in Bithynia. 

After King Prusias was killed, the solid tomb was made and it is believed that it cracked while being transferred to İznik. 

Art historian Prof. Semavi Eyice, who does not agree with this belief, says the tomb was placed on a hill overlooking İznik and fell because of a landslide.