Sources mobilized to help flooding victims: Erdoğan

Sources mobilized to help flooding victims: Erdoğan

Sources mobilized to help flooding victims: Erdoğan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on July 23 pledged more aid for Turkey’s flood-hit Black Sea region and announced that they would construct 550 houses in four districts most affected by the flood.

“In the first stage, we will build a total of 550 buildings for the structures that were affected by the flood disaster on July 15 and are at risk of disaster across Rize,” Erdoğan said, addressing a crowd in Güneysu district of his hometown, Rize province.

The Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) started the project studies in the four districts most affected by the flood, Erdoğan said.

“We will build our local houses with barns and warehouses in the villages, and our houses in the center will not exceed three-four floors,” he added.

Some 3 million Turkish Liras ($350,000) have already been delivered for the region’s relief, and support for rent and relocation has been provided to the flood victims in Rize, the president said.

He noted that 665 buildings are at risk of flooding in Rize. “While this area is being evacuated, we are realizing our projects to heal the wounds.”

“Water is supplied to the entire disaster area, and there is no problem in drinking water, energy, or communication,” he added.

So far, 2,860 personnel, including 328 members of search and rescue teams and 705 vehicles, have carried out works in Rize alone, Erdoğan said, adding almost all of the 426 roads that were closed due to the floods opened to traffic.

The president emphasized that in recent years the world has witnessed increasing global warming, which causes severe weather events. “You are watching what is happening in Germany, Belgium, France and in every region of the world,” he stated, noting that no country can protect itself from natural disasters.

He warned that people often prepare for their own disaster if not live in harmony with nature.

Erdoğan called on the locals of Rize not to construct five to 10-floor buildings on the hillsides, warning against landslides.

His government was able to resolve years old construction problems with the support of TOKİ and minimized these problems, Erdoğan said.

“We did not allow our plateaus, stream beds, mountains and rivers to be invaded by distorted structures. We created oases in the city with public gardens. Today, everyone with conscience and understanding appreciates Turkey’s achievements in urbanization and infrastructure. Wherever they live in our country, our citizens find their state by their side,” Erdoğan stated.