Some 60 FETÖ suspects arrested in İzmir

Some 60 FETÖ suspects arrested in İzmir

Some 60 FETÖ suspects arrested in İzmir

Some 60 people with ties to FETÖ, the group behind the 2016 defeated coup in Turkey, have been arrested in simultaneous operations across 40 provinces.

Prosecutors in the western province of İzmir issued warrants for the detention of some 185 suspects, accusing them of infiltrating the army.

Among the suspects, there were three colonels, two lieutenant colonels, seven squadron leaders and four captains in active duty.

The suspects are accused of gaining ground at the military school entrance exams and interviews.

Some 148 have been nabbed by the security forces. Sixty suspects have been arrested after court hearings, with some 23 having house arrests.

The rest are released on bail. “Some 23 suspects are on the run,” the security officers told Demirören News Agency on Jan. 15.

Until today, 3,600 FETÖ suspects, some 2,300 of them on active duty in the military, have been caught in some 24 different investigations held by the prosecutor’s office in İzmir.

According to the official data, some 1,600 have been arrested so far.