Some 11,000 Iranians visit Van during Nevruz holiday

Some 11,000 Iranians visit Van during Nevruz holiday

Some 11,000 Iranians visit Van during Nevruz holiday

About 11,000 Iranian tourists who want to spend Nevruz holiday in Türkiye have started to come to the eastern province of Van by entering through Kapıköy Customs Gate over the last 4 days.

Iranian tourists also make a great contribution to Van’s economy every year. Families and friend groups who go shopping during the day have fun in entertainment centers in the evening.

Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Fevzi Çeliktaş stated that they canceled the Van Shopping Fest event, which they organize every year, due to the Feb. 6 quakes which claimed thousands of lives.

Çeliktaş said that this year, approximately 4,000 Iranian tourists are entering the country daily.

He emphasized the importance of making the tourists satisfied as Van’s economy would suffer greatly if it were not for the Iranians who make use of their national holidays to come to Türkiye each year.

He added that Iranian tourists who come to Van also visit other provinces. Thus, they contribute to the country’s economy in general.

Yunus Yüksel, President of Van Hoteliers and Tourism Association, said that Iranian tourists could not come to Türkiye during the pandemic and due to the recent events in Iran, and that shopkeepers had a rough time financially during that time.

“Iran is our biggest source of tourists. The internet shortage and other events in Iran has also caused trouble for the shopkeepers in Van as well,” he said.