Social distance applied in busted drift party

Social distance applied in busted drift party

Social distance applied in busted drift party

Nineteen drivers have been fined for gathering to drift their cars despite strict precautions against the coronavirus outbreak in the resort province of Antalya.

Traffic police units determined that a crowded group gathered for entertainment purposes in the Kepez district and 19 drivers were drifting their cars.

The police teams kept the drivers of the sports cars and 52 people watching them two meters apart from each other on the street in order for them to practice social distancing within the scope of the new type of coronavirus measures.

The drivers were fined a total of 6,816 Turkish Liras ($1,021).

Meanwhile, an administrative fine was imposed on 52 persons for the offense of “acting against the order given by the authorities for judicial proceedings or for the protection of public safety, public order or general health”.

After the first new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) was seen in the country, many mass gathering events were canceled or postponed, including social, cultural and sport activities.