Snow sculptures to honor fallen soldiers

Snow sculptures to honor fallen soldiers

KARS - Anatolia News Agency
Snow sculptures to honor fallen soldiers

Painting teacher Mevlüde Kurukaya is working with 24 students for the making of snow sculptures in Sarıkamış. AA photo

The eastern province of Kars’ Sarıkamış district is creating a number of snow sculptures to honor World War I soldiers who fell at the battle of Sarıkamış.

The event will be organized between Jan. 6 and 8 for the 97th anniversary of the battle. The sculptures are being made by two painting teachers working for the Kars Gül Ahmet Aytemiz Fine Arts and Sports Anatolian High School and their 24 students in the school’s garden. One hundred trucks of snow have been brought to the garden for the construction of the works of art.

One of the painting teachers, Mevlüde Kurukaya, told Anatolia news agency that the snow sculptures would reflect their imaginative power.

Sculptures will show how soldiers fought

“In our sculptures, we will attempt to show how our soldiers, who became martyrs because of freezing weather on the Allahuekber Mountains, fought for the sake of the country,” he said.

The snow sculptures will be unveiled at a ceremony on Jan. 7.