Sniffer dog ‘Volta’ retires after 10 years of service

Sniffer dog ‘Volta’ retires after 10 years of service

MANİSA-Demirören News Agency
Sniffer dog ‘Volta’ retires after 10 years of service

A sniffer dog named Volta has retired after serving for ten years in the gendarmerie forces in the western province of Manisa.

The Pointer breed dog’s carrier in the gendarmerie forces began in 2011.

Volta assisted the local anti-smuggling and organized crime squad in the province of Manisa in 2016.

The specially trained sniffer dog played a crucial role in anti-drug operations during its service and helped security forces seize some 1.5 tons of drugs in numerous raids.

The Pointer breed dogs are known for their sharp sense of smell.

In 2020 alone, Volta and another sniffer dog named “Arya” took part in operations in which 74,000 cannabis plants and 270 kilograms of marijuana were confiscated.

Volta was part of all narcotics raids conducted in the province and its districts and finally retired at the age of 13.

The provincial gendarmerie command in Manisa sent Volta to the Zeytinliova outpost in the Akhisar district to enjoy the rest of its life after retirement.

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