SineMardin festival to focus on refugee films

SineMardin festival to focus on refugee films

MARDİN - Anatolia News Agency
SineMardin festival to focus on refugee films

The eigth SineMardin film festival started with ‘Dream of a Butterfly.’

Mardin has begun its eighth International Mardin Film Festival with the recently released movie “The Dream of the Butterfly.”

The festival’s organizer, Helün Fırat, said the festival’s main focus this year was refugee movies.
There are many problems in Turkey’s region, she said, adding that the organizers subsequently wanted to attract attention to the topic this year. She also said SineMardin provided a chance to bring together cinema and humanity.

Fırat said there were many ethnic groups living together in Mardin, noting that people from even more nationalities would attend this year’s event.

“This year, we will have two Syriac directors, and there are many people attending from Iraq. There will be 15 documentaries and 25 short films,” she said.

One of the leading actors from “The Dream of the Butterfly,” Mert Fırat, also spoke at the opening and said Mardin was a multicultural city that was home to many cultures.