Shopping trolley becomes walker for dog

Shopping trolley becomes walker for dog

KIRIKKALE – Anadolu Agency
Shopping trolley becomes walker for dog An animal lover in the central Anatolian province of Kırıkkale has helped a stray dog, whose back legs were paralyzed after being hit by a car, walk with the help of a shopping trolley. 

Mehmet Köksal, 49, said he now expects help from officials to ensure treatment for the dog under better conditions. 

“The dog is now walking with the help of this. I thought of such a system because I don’t have opportunity to have the dog treated. I’d like officials and animal lovers to find a remedy for this dog, which we named Kostak,” he said.

Köksal said he was taking care of stray dogs in the Ahılı village, adding that he spent time with them in the morning before going to work for a private company in the afternoon. 

He said there were many unattended dogs on the village road which he feeds every day including Kostak, who was recently hit by a vehicle, paralyzing its hind legs.

“I visit each neighborhood every day and collect bread. A butcher friend of mine also gives me boned chicken meat for free every day. They are enough to feed them,” he said.