‘Seagull feeding pose’ captivates 2,000 tourists every day

‘Seagull feeding pose’ captivates 2,000 tourists every day

‘Seagull feeding pose’ captivates 2,000 tourists every day

Türkiye’s landmark metropolis Istanbul welcomes thousands of tourists every year, basking in the city's beauty as they explore ancient sites. But one particular phenomenon has gained special attention: Striking a pose while feeding seagulls near the Hagia Sophia Mosque and Blue Mosque.

In the backdrop of Istanbul's symbolic landmarks, the Hagia Sophia Mosque and the Blue Mosque, tourists now feed seagulls during their meals, noting that they've traveled thousands of kilometers to do so.

Some foreigners even noted that they have changed their vacation routes to Istanbul for this captivating panorama or have added the "seagull feeding pose" to their travel "to-do lists" in the Turkish metropolis.

The owner of a business located amid the Istanbul panorama between these two historic mosques, a favored destination for tourists, stated that approximately 2,000 tourists visit the restaurant each day to strike this pose.

The tourists give their leftovers to the seagulls on the restaurant's terrace, and the restaurant also welcomes visitors who just want to admire the view or take photos without ordering anything.

Cemil Çelik, the owner, pointed out that the practice of feeding seagulls emerged when a seagull approached his breakfast table. After offering cheese to the seagull, it became a daily habit for the birds. Guests of the restaurant also started feeding seagulls by hand. They later began giving food scraps to the seagulls as well.

He noted that foreign tourists come from far distances to feed seagulls in this scene and capture photos.

"There are day-trip tourists from all around the world who come to take this photo," Çelik said.

The restaurant's chef, Mustafa Altuntaş, stressed their goal of attracting tourists to the country and providing them with the best hospitality.

"We also contribute to recycling. We utilize the leftover food from our guests to feed the seagulls. Ninety percent of tourists visiting Istanbul also visit our facility. When tourists plan their holiday routes, they make sure to include us in their agenda."

A couple from Russia stated that they discovered the restaurant on social media and that it was their second visit to there.

Another foreign family from Tunisia expressed their admiration for the city's panorama. One member of the family shared, "I learned Turkish from Turkish TV series. This is my second time in Türkiye. When I saw a friend strike this pose on social media, I wanted to do the same."