Sea saliva covering surface of Marmara Sea worries experts

Sea saliva covering surface of Marmara Sea worries experts

Sea saliva covering surface of Marmara Sea worries experts

White layers on the surface of the Marmara Sea formed due to sea saliva (mucilage) are worrying both residents and marine experts.

Seen on the Marmaraereğlisi and Şarköy coasts of the northwestern province of Tekirdağ, sea saliva layers caused pollution in the sea and teared the nets of the local fishermen.

Noting that more serious consequences may occur in the future if measures are not taken, experts say that the increase in sea saliva is a cry for help of the Marmara Sea.

The Marmara Sea is in a risky situation from a depth of 25 meters to the bottom, according to Mustafa Öztürk, a prominent environmental engineer.

“Oxygen is well below normal levels. Because the polluted waters from the Black Sea stay in the Marmara Sea for five or six months,” Öztürk said.

Explaining that sea saliva is caused by the accumulation of nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon in industrial and agricultural wastewater, Öztürk noted that there has been an increase of sea saliva due to global warming.

Stressing that the relevant institutions and municipalities should come together urgently, Öztürk warned that the affected areas should be declared sensitive areas and an advanced treatment of the sea water should be started as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the fishermen in the region also urged the local authorities to investigate the cause of sea saliva, noting that they cannot sail due to white layers and close the fishing season early.

Hüseyin Oğuz, a fisherman from Tekirdağ, stated that they could not set a net in the sea due to sea saliva and were in a very difficult situation.

“Fishermen are victims. We ask the authorities to conduct an investigation. It had been happening before, but this year it is more than enough,” Oğuz said, adding that even boats couldn’t fish there this year and went to the Black Sea.