Scientist urges girls to ‘never give up’

Scientist urges girls to ‘never give up’

Scientist urges girls to ‘never give up’

A female Turkish scientist at the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) and member of the Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund Award (PECFA) at a CERN institution, has been a role model for Turkish women for 16 years. 

Ayben Karasu Uysal told Anadolu Agency she had an interest in physics since childhood and went to Switzerland for her doctorate after studying physics at Istanbul's Yıldız Technical University.

Uysal, who received the professor title last year, is the leader of the ALICE experiment Turkish team, which is research that has been conducted within CERN.

She said since 2012, she has provided communication between the CERN-ALICE experiment and Karatay University, which she is a member in central Konya province, and participated in scientific research and trained students.

"We are analyzing subatomic particles colliding at speeds very close to the speed of light and trying to get information about the formation of the universe.

“At the same time, as a team leader of the university, I also provide communication between Turkey and the ALICE experiment. Karatay University is the only Turkish university that is a full member of the ALICE experiment.

“In this context, we have a wide range of responsibilities, such as conducting data analysis, taking part in the installation and operation stages of detectors,” said Uysal.  

 ‘Few female scientists at CERN’

Uysal stressed that the proportion of women scientists at CERN, compared to global figures is 20%, and it is important to increase the number.

“The number of women working in the fields of science and technology is trying to increase all over the world,” she said.

“As a scientist who has worked in basic science for 16 years, I positively discriminate against female students. I also think that female students can be much more detailed, especially in high energy physics studies. The personality traits of women are very compatible, especially in the field of physics and high energy physics. So I really want female students to be brought up, especially in the field of high energy physics.

“In experimental high energy physics studies, the most advanced hardware and software technologies in the world are learned and used. Therefore, these studies have applications in many areas, from artificial intelligence technologies to medical diagnosis and treatment methods. The fact that Turkish scientists and especially women have experience in these areas will increase the level of prosperity and development of our country," she said.

Expressing that there is positive discrimination against women in the field of science, Uysal said that the level of development of countries will increase with the participation of women in scientific studies, as in all areas of work life.

Uysal stated that her activities at CERN are an example and morale for women who want to do scientific work, and she said she is trying to pave the way for women.

Uysal emphasized that the number of women in her study team is higher than men, and explained that she worked with only four women in one of two separate projects she conducted at CERN, and one man and two women in another.

Calling on all young people, especially girls, to "never give up" their goals, Uysal said, "it is very important not to give up, to work persistently, to learn something from mistakes.”

She added that “Mistakes are the first step in learning. Therefore, being able to work in any field without giving up is a guarantor of success. That's why it's so important that people do the work they love.”