Rise of Turkish DJ Görkem Sala

Rise of Turkish DJ Görkem Sala

Rise of Turkish DJ Görkem Sala Turkish DJ and arranger Görkem Sala, 25, who has won a huge amount of admiration and fan base within a short time with his album “His Diyarı” (Land of Sensation), is a young talent who has produced his own music in Turkey. He gained appreciation with the album in the genre of electronic dance music and undertook remixes and arrangements of the most famous Turkish singers.

Sala’s first album, which was presented to the market under DK Records on Jan. 13, received great acclaim on many platforms such as iTunes, Deezer and Spotify. He was praised by many famous Turkish singers in the media. 

With the first Electronic Dance Music (EDM) album in Turkey, Sala reached a massive list of auditors. He expressed that his aim is to become a world famous DJ. 

“Electronic music is not a common genre of music in Turkey. Most of the DJs only make remixes. But what really matters is productivity. I grew up with music and I was thick as thieves with it. I improved myself and became better and better after working with professional names,” he said.

The first thing that comes to Sala’s mind when speaking about his experiences as a DJ is productivity. “In overseas countries, especially in the Netherlands, a lot of DJs give high qualify performances. My first purpose is to be known in the world and create high quality works. My job is to progress professionally in EDM style. And with this musical style, I want to produce a lot of things and sign more prospective projects,” he said. 

The second version of the album has been recently released with the same name.  “I have gained a large group of people who embrace me. The album received a lot of pleasant comments that makes me very happy. The names of the songs are extremely important to me. I think every track should awake a feeling in any listener. If necessary, I will improve the album to the third, maybe fifth version,” he said.