Remains of Phrygian to be searched in Kütahya Castle

Remains of Phrygian to be searched in Kütahya Castle

Remains of Phrygian to be searched in Kütahya Castle

Archaeological excavations that have been initiated in the Kütahya Castle, one of the leading castles in Turkey in the western province of Kütahya, will be searched to find traces of the Phrygians.

The rescue excavation initiated by the Kütahya Museum Directorate under the sponsorship of the Kütahya Municipality and the Special Provincial Administration in the lower castle section near Paşam Sultan neighborhood is being carried out under the direction of the museum director Serdar Ünan.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Ege University academic associate professor Sevinç Gök İpekçioğlu said that the Kütahya Castle, which consists of three parts, including the inner castle with 72 bastions, the lower castle and the upper castle, built on a hill overlooking the city, has hosted many civilizations until the present time.

Stating that the region where the castle is located, is thought to be based on the Phrygian civilization, İpekçioğlu added, “From a historical point of view, it is known that the city has a very old settlement. However, unfortunately, no data has been found to date. There is no exact information about when the castle was built. However, it is estimated that there was a Phrygian settlement in the area where the castle stands. I believe we will find a lot of evidence for these during the excavations. This castle has hosted many civilizations. There is a wide range of houses covering the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. In our excavations, we aim to reveal data regarding these periods.”

İpekçioğlu stated that Kütahya might have been a city founded by the Phrygians towards the end of the 12th century B.C. on the hill where the castle was located, and the history of the castle’s construction was associated with the city’s foundation.

Explaining that there is various information about the history of the castle from the travelers who lived in ancient times, İpekçioğlu said, “Many local and foreign travelers like Evliya Çelebi, Katip Çelebi and Texier mention the castle. In the works of Matrakçı Nasuh, the famous miniature master of the era of Süleyman the Magnificent, there is also the city of Kütahya and therefore the Kütahya Castle. Matrakçı Nasuh paints the settlement inside the castle with its mosque, church and houses. Kütahya Castle was used as a prison for a while. With the archaeological studies to be carried out, it is aimed to unearth architectural finds and artifacts from various periods.”

İpekçioğlu added that the restoration work was carried out on all three bastions of the castle.