Reformat the brain to create a better life

Reformat the brain to create a better life

Reformat the brain to create a better life

In the modern world, everyone wants to be successful and live a good life. However, not everyone achieves success. Almost everyday we encounter a modern “guru” who claims to have found the secret to a happy, satisfied life. Self-help workshops, books and doctrines abound. Whether EFT, emotional freedom technique, NLP or neuro linguistic programming, they all say the same thing: Overcome your fears in life and be successful. 

Barış Muslu has a “scientific” bent to his self-help crusading. He is a Turkish researcher and inventor of a system called NeuroFormat. His books, published by Doğan Kitap, have sold thousands. In them he explains how to cure traumas. He believes what he sees and what he can change. His knowledge of the human brain and consciousness “opens a new world” for people who seek to free themselves of fear and traumas.

“Even if a person has worked with different techniques, such as NLP or EFT, without managing to free themselves from traumas or fears, NeuroFormat can do just this,” he said.

He explained that NeuroFormat examined the “relation between the brain, psychology and the organs.” “The system understands trauma as the main cause of one’s problems. The technique uses eye positions, postures and tapping fingers to re-format the brain to cleanse the trauma and cleanse the mind,” he said. 

These are traumas that hold us back from reaching our highest possible potential, according to Muslu, and they are possible to overcome. 

“The brain is full of cacophony. It contains many voices and is fairly primitive,” said Muslu, adding that understanding the brain is crucial. According to him, the brain may appear as though it works in a mysterious way but is in fact simple to understand. There are two parts: Consciousness and unconsciousness. These two components work differently from each other. 

“The brain has a very simple operating system. The unconscious part has a defense mechanism and works in a very primitive way. When it encounters a trauma it automatically shrouds itself,” he said. 

The brain continues to act within a primitive trauma protective system despite the wildly different context of modern daily life’s unique set of complications. 

“Our brain and its unconsciousness is still trying to handle contemporary problems with the old, primitive methods. As a consequence, when the old trauma encounters a modern life problem, we get stuck, because the unconsciousness part of the brain acts according to its own initiative, having already learnt to protect itself from past traumas,” said Muslu. 

What NeuroFormat does is “reformat the brain and open a new space,” curing the old traumas and opening a new path. 

What about health and diseases 

Muslu has written various books, one of which is clearly a self-help book. “Format Your Health” is a bestseller and many people across Turkey have thanked him for curing their illnesses. 

According to Muslu, the reason the cure works is very simple. “The reason that illnesses occur is that the brain gets stressed and reflects this stress to other organs. So the organs get stressed and they do not function as they should,” he said. 

In the meantime, it is important to locate and cure the underlying cause. The NeuroFormat system tries to resolve the emotional load that stresses the brain. 

Muslu invented the system following his own health problems in 2005. “I have combined different systems and put them together,” he said.

Muslu said he decided to spread the system to other people after curing himself.