Record-breaking singer Fonsi shakes Antalya

Record-breaking singer Fonsi shakes Antalya

Record-breaking singer Fonsi shakes Antalya Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi gave a glimpse of his quick rise to stardom to his fans in Antalya with a performance on the night of Aug. 8.

Making a guest appearance on the stage of DJ Gianluca Vacchi at Regnum Carya Resort in Belek, Fonsi sang “Despacito,” which has already made its mark in 2017 twice amid major fanfare.

“Despacito,” which means slowly in Spanish, has been everything but slow since its release early this year.

 After being the first song since “Macarena” in 1996 to make it atop the Billboard Hot 100–and spending 13 weeks there—the video of the song featuring Daddy Yankee surpassed 3 billion views on YouTube in 203 days, and earned its place as the most popular video of all time last week.

The secret to the success of the song is “the power of the rhythm that invites people to dance, that makes them happy. It is a positive song, that is why it has become so popular,” said Fonsi, speaking to reporters during his first visit to Turkey.

The singer said the language of the lyrics is not a barrier for a song.

“It is not about English or Spanish, it is about the music,” he said.

Vacchi also praised Fonsi, who he shared the stage with for the first time.

“It is an honor for me,” said the DJ, who called the Puerto Rican singer “a good, humble friend.”