Recent quakes cause panic in Turkish Cyprus

Recent quakes cause panic in Turkish Cyprus

Ömer Bilge - NICOSIA
Recent quakes cause panic in Turkish Cyprus

After the multiple quakes destroyed southern Türkiye, the experts’ pointing to Cyprus, which lies on the continuation of the faultline, accelerated earthquake mobilization in Turkish Cyprus.

The Turkish Cypriot government have accelerated their efforts to determine the earthquake resistance of public buildings, especially schools and hospitals.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel met with 18 mayors and evaluated the measures to be taken for a possible earthquake.

The earthquake audit committee established at the Prime Ministry launched a building audit mobilization in the country, starting with public buildings.

The Civil Defense Directorate announced the emergency assembly areas for citizens after a possible earthquake.

In the media, the practical precautions that citizens should take in case of an earthquake, especially the “drop-cover-hold on” method, are explained.

While workplaces practiced earthquake drills with their personnel, there was a great increase in the sales of whistles, which are recommended to be included in the go-bags.

The faultline called “The Cyprus Arc,” which is located on the continuation of Hatay on the Eastern Anatolian faultline, scares the Turkish Cypriots.

It is feared that the recent earthquakes may trigger the faultlines running parallel to the north and south of the island of Cyprus.

Turkish Cypriot experts find the coastlines, especially Gazimagosa and İskele, where construction has intensified in recent years, risky.

The earthquake panic also brought the country’s only airport to the agenda. The fact that the construction of the new Ercan Airport has been completed and is ready to be opened is considered a great advantage.

Authorities announced that the airport’s new building and landing fields are ready to be used at any time in case of an emergency.