Rare hyena species sighted in Şırnak

Rare hyena species sighted in Şırnak

ŞIRNAK - Anatolia News Agency
Rare hyena species sighted in Şırnak

Motion-triggered cameras that were placed in thesoutheastern province of Şırnak have sighted a rare species of hyaena hyaena, or striped hyena.

A rare species of hyaena hyaena, or striped hyena, has been sighted in the eastern province of Şırnak by motion-triggered cameras that were placed in the region as part of studies into wildlife in the region.

“Our province’s geography is very rich in terms of biodiversity, and it is one of the purposes of our directorate to preserve the living species and ecosystem in the region,” Forestry and Water Affairs official Orhan Kalay said, noting that the footage was obtained on April 7. “The determination of wild animals and their living spaces in the region is very important for their protection. This is why we have initiated this motion-triggered camera work and it is still continuing. It is also the first work of its type in the region.”

Dicle University Biology Department Professor Murat Biricik said hyenas were on the verge of extinction and were rarely seen in Turkey’s eastern, southeastern and Mediterranean regions.

Dead hyena

Noting that they had found a dead hyena three years ago in the nearby district of Gercüş in Batman, he said: “The habitat of this animal is natural steppes, rocky areas and especially dry valleys. They go out at night and eat carcasses. Ecologically, they are the garbage collectors of the nature just like vultures. They should be taken under protection.”

Kalay also said footage obtained from the cameras would soon be presented in an exhibition demonstrating the wildlife present in Şırnak.