Rainfall hits major cities, disrupts transportation

Rainfall hits major cities, disrupts transportation

Rainfall hits major cities, disrupts transportation

Heavy downpours pounded Istanbul and Ankara on Oct. 18, causing floods in parts of both cities and a waterspout that led to traffic chaos in the area.

Due to the rains, the districts on the Asian side of Istanbul, including Kadıköy, Sultanbeyli, and Maltepe, got heavily affected, Turkish media reported.

Drivers had difficulties reaching their destinations due to numerous potholes resulting from heavy rainfall.

Taking precautions against the flood-like situation, Istanbul residents started placing sandbags to guard their homes and offices.

Some passengers got stuck in their vehicles after a large puddle that formed under a bridge in Maltepe, while some motorcyclists shielding themselves under the overpasses waited for the rain to stop before they could move.

Rainfall accompanied by hail also hit the capital Ankara, flooding some streets that led to the blocking of roads, jamming public transportation.

Some of the spots across the city quickly turned white due to the hail that poured for at least 10 minutes, leaving the roads filled with water.

Drivers that were caught in a hailstorm on the Eskişehir Road flocked to the nearby fuel station to take shelter.

Some motorcycle riders were trapped in underpasses due to the rain that started immediately after a rough hailstorm.

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality announced that all measures were in place against floods that might occur due to torrential rain.

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