Rain pounds western provinces, hits Bursa most

Rain pounds western provinces, hits Bursa most

Rain pounds western provinces, hits Bursa most

Torrential rains have lashed some western parts of Türkiye, with the northwestern province of Bursa bearing the brunt the most as its bus terminal’s porch has collapsed.

Following the torrential rain warnings issued for nine provinces, including Bursa, the expected rain hit the city on Aug. 31.

The sudden downpour turned into a flood, followed by thunder and lightning flashing one after another.

After heavy rain, the bus terminal’s porch collapsed on the cars due to the storm and lightning strike. Many trees were destroyed by the storm.

In the districts of Nilüfer and Osmangazi, where thunderstorms lasting for an hour, the streets were flooded, cars were stuck on the road submerged in the water.

In Mudanya district, some cars were dragged by flooding, while some houses and workplaces located on the ground floors of the buildings were also flooded, after which municipal teams have started damage assessment studies.

No injury or loss of life was reported in the district but material damage, according to officials.

Meanwhile, many cars were submerged in water due to torrential rain and hail in the western province of Manisa’s Demirci district and damage occurred to cars dragged by the flood.

Furthermore, the heavy downpour in the Aegean province of Kütahya’s Domaniç district flooded avenues and streets and submerged some houses and workplaces, while in the northwestern province of Bilecik, the sudden hail and torrential rain disrupted daily life.

According to Orhan Şen, a prominent meteorologist, torrential rains are likely to stay for two more days in the Marmara region.

Turkish State Meteorological Service earlier declared a “yellow” alert for nine provinces, mostly in the northwest of the country, warning citizens to be careful and practice caution against the possibilities such as floods, lightning, hail and strong winds.

The air temperatures will be 4-6 degrees Celsius (39-42 degrees Fahrenheit) above the seasonal norms in the eastern part of the country, according to the bureau.

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