Psychological borders reflect onto photography

Psychological borders reflect onto photography

Psychological borders reflect onto photography

Italian artist Maurizio Sapia’s solo exhibition at Istanbul’s Ren Art Gallery and Consultancy displays the artist’s series titled “Borderline.” 

Sapia’s technique is unique and different from most photography artists. He uses himself as a model and also mixes drawing with photography. His photographs on the other hand tell the story of a life that has no borders. 

In his photographs, the artist reflects his aggression and joy of living. Sapia takes his own photographs while in motion. He takes thousands of photos while moving and then gathers each of them together in one photograph. The lines he draws tell his own story and how he chooses to live his life. The artist likes to reflect his way of seeing things in life. 

In the “Borderline” series, Sapia aims to tell the viewer that loneliness in life is caused by living without any borders. Human beings do not know where to stop and deep inside most of us, there are no borders, he said. 

According to the artist, living as we like and not stopping makes us more vulnerable and alone. Without borders, it is impossible to protect and survive from our relationships, he said. He thinks the concept of being borderless brings relationships to an end. He believes that in every relationship a person has, there needs to be a border. 

That is why he uses bold and shiny lines on the edges of his moving images. The viewer sees Sapia as a tiny image and in colors of red or dark green or black. The photographs almost look like a painting from far away. However, as the viewer gets closer, it is possible to see a moving man (the artist himself). 

The artist also produces video works and uses different techniques in photography. Sapia’s background is fashion, but his approach to photography is very different. He has almost created a new technique. In a way, it is possible to see his background. Sapia’s exclusive photographs are not like others and maybe this is because he comes from a background of classic photography. 

The exhibition will continue until Nov. 10.