Protests banned at Atatürk Airport

Protests banned at Atatürk Airport

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
Protests banned at Atatürk Airport

Hava-İş Trade Union President Atilay Ayçin (C) talks to protestors at the Atatürk Airport. The security commission of the airport has banned protests at the site. DHA photo

The security commission of Istanbul’s Atatürk International Airport has banned any protests at the largest airport in the country.

Hava-İş Civil, a trade union active in the aviation sector, has reacted against the move, which comes after a ban on strikes in the sector.

The members of Hava-İş have been protesting against Turkish Airlines, which has laid-off 305 of its personnel as they participated in a slowdown strike May 29. The labor action was organized to protest draft legislation banning strikes and lockouts in the aviation industry late last month.

“It is only natural for them to take such a decision. Those who lift our right to strike can ban [the right to protest],” said Atilay Ayçin, the head of Hava-İş. “I do not think this decision excessive as Turkey is administrated by a repressive mindset,” Ayçin said.

Flight security

“There are many factors putting flight security at risk more than people who sit here [protesting]. ... There are many [unfavorable conditions] from the entrance of the airport to take-offs. Lay-offs are one of the most significant factors putting flight security at risk. Turkish Airlines flies with missing personnel and breaching daily flight times of the personnel.”

Istanbul Deputy Governor and Public Administration Authority Ahmet Aydın headed the monthly meeting of the commission.