Project for parents: Improve communication within family

Project for parents: Improve communication within family

Project for parents: Improve communication within family

One of the leading Turkish conglomerates, Koç Holding’s subsidiary, KoçSistem; which offers digitalization solutions to Turkey’s leading brands, has launched a social responsibility project in collaboration with its education partner, Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), urging parents to turn all screens off between 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. every day.

The company is aiming to raise public awareness about the healthy use of technology within the family, through the project named “Family Hour.”

As the first step of the project, KoçSistem has initiated the #letsturnalloff movement, calling on parents to turn off the screens of all devices and spend time together with their kids engaging in various indoor and outdoor activities.

In his address delivered at the introduction of the project on July 24, KoçSistem CEO Mehmet Ali Akarca said:  “With the Family Hour project we are driving the more constructive use of technology for kids, strengthening interaction within the family. Launching this project, we are well aware that use of technology cannot be a substitute for real-life learning and physical sharing for a child.”

Some 1,330 parents and their children between the ages of 3-13 are planned to be reached through 94 training courses to be opened in various districts of Istanbul and the Aegean province of İzmir as part of the “Family Hour” project. Training sessions will be launched on Sept. 20 and continue for a year.

In the trainings, parents will be supported to help their children build a healthier relationship with technology. A broad range of child development professionals, particularly educators, will be involved in the project. KoçSistem volunteers will also provide mentoring to parents on how to use the technology in the most suitable way. KoçSistem volunteers will also teach families a variety of games that will help parents spend time and have fun with their children.