President Gül calls on Egypt’s rulers to restore fledgling democracy

President Gül calls on Egypt’s rulers to restore fledgling democracy

President Gül calls on Egypt’s rulers to restore fledgling democracy

President Abdullah Gül listed four steps to put democracy back on track in Egypt. DHA photo

President Abdullah Gül has called the interim rulers of Egypt to restore the democracy and listed four steps are that are vital to put democracy back on track in the crisis-torn country in which he called the situation as “worrying and unsustainable,” in an opinion article to Financial Times.

“The coup that ousted Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, was a clear derailment of the country’s progress. Perhaps the deadlock could have been avoided. Maybe this situation could have been averted by calling for early elections. But problems should, in any case, have been corrected through democratic mechanisms,” Gül wrote in the article with a headline “Egypt must restore its fledgling democracy – and fast.”

The political crisis has reached a dangerous new phase following the collapse this week of an international effort to bridge the gap between the two sides, army rulers and Morsi supporters, and avert bloodshed.

“The Egyptian people have almost been split into two camps, each of which is rallying dangerously against the other. This situation is worrying and unsustainable. Already, scores of people have lost their lives during demonstrations on streets and squares. What we need now in Egypt is not a people divided against themselves, but a nation rallying around its future. Daunting economic and social problems can only be overcome if Egyptians join their efforts together and do not spend their energy on political division,” the president wrote.

Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour had on Wednesday warned the Morsi protesters to leave the camps or face action, saying government patience was running out. He also declared that the mediation effort by U.S. European and Arab envoys had failed. The tent camps in Rabaa al-Adawiya and Al-Nahda squares were set up after the army deposed Morsi on July 3, and the protesters have sworn to stay put until the army-ousted president is reinstated.

‘Release Morsi and fellow politicians’

President Gül listed four steps to put democracy back on track. “First, a quick return to democracy – which was the aim of the revolution, through an inclusive transition process, is of utmost importance. Second, all political groups should be allowed to take part in the forthcoming elections. The exclusion of any political party will undermine the success of the ensuing period. Third, release of Mr. Morsi and his fellow politicians would make a tremendous contribution to reconciliation and stability. Fourth, everyone should exercise restraint to avoid further casualties. Further loss of life could make recovery unattainable, even if the leaders in Egypt act with their best intentions to break the deadlock,” he said.

Turkey has strongly criticized Western nations and the European Union for turning a blind eye to the coup and has called on international institutions and on other countries to step up pressure on Egypt’s army rulers to respect and protect democracy.