Preparations underway for Türkiye’s only carnival

Preparations underway for Türkiye’s only carnival

Preparations underway for Türkiye’s only carnival

Works have begun for the “International Orange Blossom Carnival,” which will be held for the 11th time between April 25 and 30.

The Orange Blossom Carnival marks the arrival of the blossom scent that covers the orange tree-lined streets of the city during early April. The carnival has the slogan “Nisan’da Adana’da” (In Adana In April).

Türkiye’s first and only carnival has managed to become one of the few carnivals in the world and is expected to attract thousands of local and foreign tourists to the southern province of Adana. The event will be organized with much richer content after its inclusion in the Culture Ministry’s “Turkish Cultural Road Festivals,” according to a statement made by the carnival committee.

“We get many applications from Türkiye and abroad to organize events at the carnival. There are many projects, activities, exhibitions, conversations, sports events and other suggestions. It is an important issue to make applications as early as possible so that the places can be planned in the appropriate places of the city. Events and projects to be selected by the committee will be announced on the website ‘’ and social media accounts later,” the statement added.

The carnival’s mastermind Ali Haydar Bozkurt said that the 2023 International Orange Blossom Carnival program will include very interesting projects and colorful events.

“Every year the carnival has full of surprises. We will meet local and foreign artists in many events, from sports to arts and to entertainment. We have big surprises this year, too,” he said.

Stating that the carnival made a great contribution to the economy of Adana and the region as well as boosting morale and motivation, Bozkurt said, “While organizing the first carnival in 2013, we aimed to meet under the umbrella of friendship, brotherhood and love, and to spread this energy to the whole world from Adana. This year, as part of the Turkish Cultural Road Festival, we expect many more local and foreign visitors to attend the carnival.”