Police to observe weddings against spread of coronavirus

Police to observe weddings against spread of coronavirus

Police to observe weddings against spread of coronavirus

Observer police officers assigned at weddings in line with combating the virus play an important role in preventing the spread of the pandemic as a spike is seen in the number of daily confirmed COVID-19 cases that has alarmed health professionals.

Police teams attending ceremonies such as weddings and engagements as “observers” stipulate maintaining social distance and face mask-wearing despite the crowd.

While the observer police officers come together with the bride and groom before the ceremony and explain their reasons for being at the venue, they also give warnings and reminders to the guests.

Explaining the precautions to be followed both to the guests and to the employees of the business where the wedding is held, the police teams also remind that some administrative sanction will be applied if the rules are not followed.

 Halay and other traditional folk dances carry the biggest risk in weddings, according to the officials.

People in Turkey celebrate weddings with the traditional halay dance, which involves people holding each other’s hands, dancing shoulder to shoulder and forming a chain of people.

But amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country, the weddings require people to hold sticks connecting each other, rather than their hands.

The police also receive support from the guards due to the rush in weddings on the weekends in the Aegean province of İzmir, where an average of 200 weddings are held per week.

The rate of compliance with virus measures has increased and the further spread of the pandemic has been prevented with the “observer police officer” practice, according to the security sources.