Pet hotels packed with furry friends during Eid

Pet hotels packed with furry friends during Eid

Pet hotels packed with furry friends during Eid

Bookings at pet hotels saw a sharp increase amid the nine-day-long Eid al-Adha, as people who could not travel with their pets left them at pet hotels to give their furry friends an enjoyable experience while they were away.

With the beginning of the Eid al-Adha holiday, many people headed to holiday destinations, and pet owners who could not find someone to look after their animals preferred pet hotels so their furry friends could have a comfortable stay in their absence.

At a hotel in the Zekeriyaköy district, which is a pet facility with a capacity of 400, the density increased eight times compared to the average.

More than 100 dogs and about 40 cats are currently staying in the hotel, where animals socialize with each other and enjoy the pool.

Animal owners state that they observe positive changes in the behavior of their pets after their stay at hotels, as they stay in the company of professional trainers. In the hotel, where VIP accommodation is also available, the one-night fee for dogs is 350 Turkish liras and for cats is 250 liras.

Ayşegül Üner, the operator of the facility, stated that they provide various services for dogs, cats and other animals at their hotel, which has a nursery, education center and swimming pool.

“We are incredibly busy on holidays, but our capacity is enough to accommodate many pets. They have a pleasant time here while playing with their friends.”

Üner noted that they categorize the animals and divide them into groups according to their sizes, characters, and behaviors.

Üner also warned pet owners not to leave their pets in facilities without properly seeing the area and observing their behavior around other animals there.

“Most importantly, make sure that the institutions have a work permit from the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, a license from the municipality and financial registration. Make sure to organize a contract when you deliver your pet.”