Period with no elections shows opportunity: Turkey's vice president

Period with no elections shows opportunity: Turkey's vice president

Period with no elections shows opportunity: Turkeys vice president

Turkey will gain strength and sustainability during the next four and a half years with no elections, according to Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay.

“There lies a four-and-a-half-year period of uncut [political] practice. In this process, we will remain as a strong Turkey that increases the acceleration of stability and development,” he said at the 10th Sarajevo Business Forum in Sarajevo on April 17.

Turkey will continue to support Bosnia and Herzegovina in every field, especially in integration with the EU and NATO, the vice president said, adding that the country has left behind difficult times and has become a center of attraction in southeast Europe.

”The country has also recorded a significant process towards becoming a brand for investors,” he said at the event, popularly referred to as the “Balkan Davos,” where Turkey plays an active role. Oktay stresses that it is time to make Sarajeovo a focal point for economic and financial projects.

The forum, which has been held since 2010, is organized this year under the slogan of “One region - One economy.”

Oktay said that Bosnia and Herzegovina has both great resources and potential with its unique geographical location, noting that Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina should work together to benefit from this.

“The main elements that Bosnia and Herzegovina needs today are unity, solidarity, and more investment,” he said.

The Turkish vice president stated that investments will ensure employment opportunities, sustainable economic growth and development in the Balkan countries.

“Economic development is vital for living together and for peace in the region,” he said. “Likewise, political stability and superiority of law are the prerequisites for economic development.”

To preserve regional peace and stability, Oktay said there is need for a strong dialogue in the political sphere between the countries.

“We should also create more economic interdependence, and promote the socio-cultural interaction between our peoples,” he said.

Pointing out the common interests and values, Oktay said that Turkey wish to ensure that all actors in the region act together to solve the problems they face.

“We are aware that this can be achieved by boosting regional cooperation,” he said, adding: “In this context, Turkey will continue to show its best efforts in both bilateral and multilateral platforms.”

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