People under virus risk to be tested regularly 

People under virus risk to be tested regularly 

Nuray Babacan - ANKARA
People under virus risk to be tested regularly

Turkey is planning to move to another phase in tests for the coronavirus by identifying occupation and age groups at most risk.

The authorities are hoping that the results of massive immunity analysis of the population will help them map out the cluster of vulnerable groups.

Based on those results, regular tests will be run on certain age and occupation groups, including traffic polices, bank employees, barbers, hair salon staff, cashiers, members of cabin crews, security guards and personnel in military barracks. The authorities also plan to run tests on people with flu and cold symptoms. 

They reckon that as the testing capacity increases, people contracted with the virus will be more and more locally isolated. 

“Currently, this is happening: Some buildings and neighborhoods are put under isolation. But in the period ahead, this method will be used widely,” they said. 

People with the virus and the individuals who have contacted them will be isolated, instead of imposing restrictions on an entire city, they explained. 

According to officials, recently social events such as weddings, celebrations, collective banquets and collective praying have become hotspots for the spread of the virus. Thus, the practice of imposing localized quarantine is in the offing, they said.
Mobile labs will be also used more widely in the organized industrial zones, the officials noted.