Peace talks are going well: Turkish Cyprus

Peace talks are going well: Turkish Cyprus

Peace talks are going well: Turkish Cyprus

Christofias (2nd R) and his Turkish Cypriot counterpart Eroğlu (2nd L) talk during a peace talks meeting in the presence of UN Special Adviser for Cyprus, Downer (L). AFP photo

Turkish Cyprus President Derviş Eroğlu said the intensive talks with the island’s southern part were going well, a contrast to Greek Cypriot leader Demetris Christofias’ recent statements.

“For us, the negotiations are going well,” said Eroğlu to the daily Hürriyet yesterday. But Christofias said the Jan. 4 negotiations were proceeding poorly. If no agreement were reached soon, there would be no reason to convene for special upcoming talks in New York, he told the daily Hürriyet.

Eroğlu said Christofias claims 165,000 Greek Cypriots migrated to the southern part of Cyprus after Turkey intervened in 1974. “I ask [Christofias] whether any of those have died since 1974. He says he is counting those [deceased], too.

He demands Mesaoria plain, which is at the center of Morphou and Karpas for those 100,000 migrants,” said Eroğlu, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Greek Cypriot leader demanded Kyrenia, too. The property issue is the toughest among the other six chapters the two sides are negotiating, according to Eroğlu. He said the United Nations embraces the 60 pages of suggestions by Turkish Cyprus.

There is a deadlock in governance and power-sharing issues as well, he added. “The negotiations on economy and internal security have almost finished. Guarantors issue is going to be discussed in international conference.” Eroğlu said both leaders promised U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon they would not make any negative statements about the other side, but the Greek side still continues to blame Turkish Cyprus and Turkey in its statements.

Eroğlu also said Ankara does not affect their decisions but the Turkish Cypriot government conveys its solution suggestions to Ankara only to inform them. “[Ankara] has not objected to any of our suggestions so far,” said Eroğlu, adding that the situation was not the same for the island’s Greek side.